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2022 Thousand Oaks Memorial Day Tournament - 12U Silver - 1st Place

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Serving Greater Glendale with No Residential Boundaries

No Boundaries

There are no residential boundaries. Girls who live anywhere can play with CV United Softball


We are the largest league dedicated solely to girls softball in Glendale and surrounding areas


League sponsored skills clinics for all age divisions throughout the season

Team Management

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Attributes of Play By Division



This is the starting division for many of our players.  Early fundamentals of hitting, catching and throwing are taught.

  • 10" Easton IncrediBall
  • Coach Pitch/Tee Combo
  • Outs not recorded
  • Score not recorded
  • Full round robin batting each inning


Fundamental game play concepts are covered at this age.  Live pitching is introduced.

  • 10" RIF 1 Sof-Dot Ball
  • Live kid pitch/coach pitch combo
  • 30 ft Pitching Distance
  • Base stealing - one base per pitch
  • Closed home plate
  • 10 defensive players
  • 4 run maximum per inning
  • 2 inning max per pitcher


Intermediate game play concepts are covered in this division.  Standard USA Softball rules now apply.

  • 11" RIF 10 Ball
  • Live Pitch Only
  • 35 ft Pitching Distance
  • Dropped 3rd Strike
  • Open Home Plate
  • Base stealing - one base per pitch + one on overthrow
  • 10 defensive players
  • 4 run maximum per inning
  • 2 inning max per pitcher per game


Advanced game play concepts are covered in this division. Players are expected to have the basic mastery of catching, throwing and hitting.

  • 12" Rawlings Dreamseam Ball
  • 40 ft Pitching Distance
  • 9 defensive players
  • 6 run maximum per inning
  • No inning limits for pitchers
  • Base stealing - completely open


Advanced inter-league play in preparation for high school softball.

  • 12" Rawlings Dream Seam Ball
  • 43 ft Pitching Distance


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