All Star/Championship Season

The All-Star season normally runs from May 1st to approximately July 15th and consists of five scheduled tournaments. A single tournament normally consists of 2-3 games played on a Saturday (pool play) with a minimum of one elimination game (bracket play) played on Sundays. It is possible that a pool play game may occur on Friday, but the league tries to avoid this if possible.

We expect to field 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U teams. A player must attend the evaluation to be considered for their respective All-Star team. Each of the 10U, 12U and 14U teams have a maximum roster size of 12 players, the 8U team has a maximum roster size of 14 players. The maximum roster size is a guideline and the All-Star Committee may decide to maintain smaller rosters. Note that if demand is high, we may consider adding an additional team in a given division if it can be appropriately supported.

Typically, All-Star teams will hold two practices a week. We ask that any family that has an interest, commit to scheduled practices. While attendance of each scheduled tournament is not a prerequisite for All-Star participation, we expect that committed players will be available for the majority if not predominance of tournaments.

Tournament costs are estimated to be roughly $350 per player. This includes All-Star Uniform (jersey (2), and socks) and all applicable tournament fees. We hope to reduce the cost with ongoing All-Star fundraising.