Fall Ball/Developent Season

Fall Season registration will open on Wednesday, July 3.  A mandatory skills evaluation will be held on a time and date to be announced.

Please read the explanation of Fall Ball age divisions below if you are not sure which division you should register your child.

CV United Fall Ball Registration (Team Snap)

Fall Ball allows for a range of registration of three birth years for the 14U, 12U, 10U & 8U divisions.  6U registration allows for two birth years.

Experienced players that are the older end of the range for a specific division should be registered to play up in the next older division. This will prepare these players to gain experience needed to compete in that older division during the spring season.  For example, an experienced player with 2008 birth year should be registered to the 12U division.

Players that are brand new to the sport of softball should in most cases be registered in their league age division as governed by birth year. For example, a brand new softball player with a 2008 birth year would ideally be registered to the 10U division in order to gain experience at the appropriate skill level.

Division placement for the Fall 2019 Season is determined by the player's age on January 1, 2019.


All coaches are required to register with USA Softball, complete SafeSport training, and submit to a background check.

CV United is a member of USA Softball as a "C" Recreational League and must adhere to its policies.

Things to know about Fall Ball

  • CV United Softball conducts three seasons: Spring Recreational, Summer Championship (All-Stars), and Fall Developmental.
  • During the Fall Developmental Season, no scores are kept, no standings exist, and no playoffs take place.
  • Fall Season games are typically played on Sunday afternoons at Scholl Canyon Ball Fields. Because fewer girls play during the fall season we have fewer teams than in spring. In consequence, we typically schedule friendly games against other USA Softball leagues and typically travel locally.
  • Fall Season typically occurs between Labor Day and Thanksgiving (about 10 games)
  • During Fall Season we may schedule a few Saturday night games depending on the need for scheduling.
  • There are fall practices, but due to a limited number of fields sometimes teams have to share fields.
  • During the fall season, uniform shirts are provided. Pants and socks are not included.



  • Cleats, fielders' glove and mask are mandatory.
  • A personal helmet is recommended
  • A personal bat is optional
  • Catchers gear and balls are provided per team.

If you are new to the sport of softball, please see our equipment guide for further information on recommended player gear.